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Imaginexxus is the creative product division of Ideascape, Inc., an award-winning communication consulting firm. Currently, we are developing original niche books and media products on the subjects of international travel/tourism and mid-career entrepreneurship. These stem from our personal life and business experience.


Farmers and public markets across the globe reflect intersections of culture, commerce and community. We're working on a project that shares our collection of experiences and stories from visiting these revealing places.


A meaningful way to understand a country's culture is through the words and voices of its people. We're developing a project through which we'll be offering a series of "portraits" of communities' cultures via original art and interviews.


There's a compelling argument to take control of one's career destiny at around the age of 50 as an independent professional. This book will present a practical strategy to pivot from employment to successful self-employment. See our blog posts here, on LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter and Facebook.