Everday Delights in Cheung Chau: Juxtaposition

©2017 Imaginexxus LLC

In Hong Kong, like other parts of the world, most people own a washing machine but few have an electric clothes dryer. One reason is space. There is no room to fit a dryer. Secondly, many question the need to spend money on another appliance. The sun does the same job for free.

Walk down any street and you’ll see almost every balcony converted into a temporary laundromat. People hang up everything for the world to see—sheets, blouses, jeans, even underwear. They use simple and elaborate clothes racks, as well as the tried and true method of hangers on the railings. A few balconies are so crowded with clothes that it seems the owners never bother to bring anything inside. The balcony serves as an additional closet.

But there was one apartment we saw that took drying items out on the balcony one step further than anyone else. They hung strings of fish on a balcony pole. The juxtaposition of the clothes and food drying side by side made us smile.

Honey. Dinner is ready and so is the laundry.