Impressions of Hong Kong and Macau: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters

© 2017 Imaginexxus LLC

As you take a walk along Hong Kong’s streets, immerse yourself in the city’s 24/7 lifestyle. This is a place where people and vehicles are seemingly impatient to be anywhere but where they are. Escape into the exotic flower, bird, goldfish and “wet” markets lining the city’s narrow streets for a glimpse at everyday life for Hong Kongers. Explore Macau on foot to wander through her stunning mosaic plazas and alleyways to sights where tourists gasp on hilly streets that rival San Francisco’s. And ride the ferry back in time to the car-free village of Cheung Chau where many of the packed harbor’s colorful fishing boats display a day’s catch sun drying on racks and nets.

Because there’s so much to see and do in these amazing cities, we wrote Impressions of Hong Kong and Macau to help you understand what they’re really like even before you leave home. This isn’t a guidebook, but rather a visual storytelling journey through these extraordinary destinations. It’s the first volume in the travel book series, A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters™. We’ve put a unique stamp on our personal reflections by giving a modern twist to the well-known phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Each of the 43 impressions features a captivating original photograph and a story that’s exactly 1,000 characters long.

Whether you plan to visit this corner of the world or just experience it vicariously, this book will give you a real sense of place. Impressions of Hong Kong and Macau is available through these on-line retailers as an e-book with color photographs or in paperback with black and white photos.


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