Quokkas: Western Australia’s Little Known Stars

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Hollywood is filled with actors. Yet, few receive much acclaim or time in the spotlight. The same is true for most of the unusual creatures indigenous only to Australia. Kangaroos and koalas are Oz’s most famous duo. These two marsupials have been adopted as the country’s national mascots and brand ambassadors. However, there are others exclusive to the Land Down Under that are relative unknowns.

Quokkas receive minimal limelight and will never be household names. One reason is because they’re nocturnal. On top of this, they’re essentially hidden from the rest of the world, living only in the southwestern corner of Western Australia.

We spotted this little guy in a thicket on Rottnest Island. He’s a member of the largest colony of quokkas which lives off the coast of Perth. His short, blocky build reminded us of his wombat cousin, but he hopped around like a miniature wallaby. He kindly interrupted his late-afternoon snack to pose for us, almost as if to say, “I’m ready for my close-up.”