Two Oz Books for Any Traveler to the Land Down Under

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Before you book your ticket to the Land Down Under, find out what it’s really like with two unique books. We don’t write the typical guidebook that gives travelers inside information on where to go, stay or even the best restaurants. Instead, we provide a visual storytelling journey through these incredibly beautiful cities. In her thorough and honest review, The Uncorked Librarian calls our work, “A travel guide unlike any other.” The reason is because our books are designed to give you a sense of place rather than a list of places to go.

If you plan to go to just visit Sydney, we encourage you to check out The Unguidebook™ Sydney. It features 47 stories and photographs. But if your itinerary includes both of these dynamic cities, we recommend The Unguidebook™ Sydney & Melbourne. It has the same 47 stories from The Unguidebook™ Sydney, plus 21 more about the foodie capital of Melbourne.

Whether you plan to visit this corner of the world or just experience it vicariously, these books in the travel each follow the theme A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters™. We’ve put a unique stamp on our personal reflections by giving a modern twist to the well-known phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Each tale features a captivating original photograph and a story that’s exactly 1,000 characters long. 

Our books are available through these on-line retailers as an e-book with color photographs or in paperback with black and white photos.


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