Howe Sound: Exploring the Canadian Fjordland

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Just the mention of the word fjord and most people think of Norway’s severely notched coastline. Others may picture the New Zealand national park dedicated to these spectacular geological wonders on the South Island.

Canada may not have the most well-known fjords, but hers are second-to-none. Hundreds of slender coves are carved into British Columbia’s west coast creating a maze of watery passageways flanked on both sides by snow-capped peaks.

These jaw-dropping sites can usually only be seen after buying a pricey ticket to board a tour boat or floatplane. Yet, the Howe Sound just outside Vancouver, B.C. is probably one of the world’s most accessible fjords. We were treated to an up-close look once aboard a ferry for less than the cost of a dinner entree. Another time we took a cruise along Route 99 in our car toward Whistler. The only problem with this drive? It’s a bit slow with all of the curves but mainly because we couldn’t resist stopping for photos every chance we could pull over.

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