Delicious Québec City: A North American Taste of France

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Like many Americans, we have a love affair with France and almost everything French. One reason is her lilting language can make even a to-do list sound amorous. Another reason is her cuisine is magnifique, especially with so many recipes requiring generous amounts of wine, butter or fresh herbs.

The unfortunate thing is that France isn’t that accessible. There’s a 3,700 mile-wide body of water in the way called “The Pond.” Yet, North American Francophiles can get their fix of all things French without experiencing much jet lag by visiting the Canadian province of Québec.

French influence oozes throughout Québec City’s Upper and Lower Towns. These older areas have earned the distinction of being UNESCO World Heritage sites and are undeniably enchanting. Bewitched visitors meander along the cobblestone alleys past well-kept stone buildings that are homes, shops and restaurants. Those craving superb French onion soup that rivals any on either side of the Atlantic should try Le Lapin Sauté.

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