Magic Hour in Quebec City: A Golden Spell Is Cast

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The magic hour had just begun. This is often referred to as the golden hour, when a soft glow spreads across the sky and casts a spell over the landscape. It’s special anywhere, but particularly in a fairy-tale like place like Québec City.

Earlier that afternoon we’d hopped on the ferry in Basse Ville (Lower Town) and sailed across the St. Lawrence River to Lévis. The journey on the water lasted only 12 minutes. It was both relaxing and needed to prepare ourselves for the red staircase that zig zagged up the hillside. (Undoubtedly designed by engineers who were mountain goats in a former life.) After we scaled the 15-plus flights, we found ourselves breathless. One reason was the hike, the other due to the view. It definitely made the effort worthwhile.

We sat on a park bench bewitched by the scene. Sailboats, tugboats and even a cruise ship passed below on the 14-karat toned water as the buildings donned their evening attire accented with ruby and sapphire lights. The magic hour indeed.

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