Hong Kong: A City of Surprises

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I awoke early that first day in Hong Kong. My head was still fuzzy from jet lag but I was anxious to start my adventure. As I opened the bedroom curtains, I was treated to a pastel sunrise. Perfectly graduated strokes of color stretched across the sky’s canvas. Monet couldn’t have painted it any better.

However, it’s what I saw next that took my breath away. Mountains.

The travel books I’d paged through and discussions with friends who’d been here didn’t prepare me for this view. I knew I’d see a city crammed with buildings monopolizing every square centimeter. I anticipated the waterways would be filled with hundreds of boats jockeying for position in the harbor. And I fully expected to be jostled about on streets packed with busses and trams, not to mention a gazillion people. But, I definitely didn’t expect the landscape would include such a lovely chain of mountains spread over several islands.

What a pleasant surprise to find incredible beauty and nature in this frenetic megalopolis.

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Here is a mini slide show featuring more views of Hong Kong’s mountains during different times of day.