Multiple Choice: More Than One Way to Tour Hong Kong

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Zipping, crisscrossing or bobbing. These were our choices each day in Hong Kong.

It was tempting to choose to zoom around the city via the clean and efficient subway. And there were distinct sight-seeing advantages to taking the double-decker trams.

However, if we had a choice, we always took a ferry. This required us to spend extra time waiting at the dock for each ship to arrive, standing in queues to board, then sitting patiently for the captain and crew to untie the ropes before we could shove off.

Nonetheless, we found that there was a romantic timelessness to travelling on the water. The boat chugging from one side of the harbor to the other forced us to slow down. In a way, it was an invitation to really look at the city.

Each ride gave us a new opportunity to absorb and appreciate something different: how the apartment complexes reminded us of stacked Legos™, the office buildings zigged and zagged up and down the skyline and the waves danced all around the emerald and white vessel.

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