Venture Outside of Macau’s Casinos: Beyond the Neon

The majority of Macau’s visitors either come by way of bus from China’s mainland or an hour-long ferry ride from Hong Kong.

Thousands of these day trippers and overnight tourists rarely venture past Macau’s slot machines and blackjack tables. Others spend most of their time (and money) perusing the endless jewelry stores that feature exquisite jade and diamond baubles. However, there’s far more to this former Portuguese outpost than what the casinos and upscale boutiques have to offer.

Those who can resist Lady Luck’s temptations will be richly rewarded. Guests to Macau can become immersed in the area’s fascinating history and culture while they learn about her architecture and citizens. Furthermore, there are kilometers of artwork to be viewed literally under their feet and dozens of interesting sights to visit without spending one pataca.

Macau is much more than Asia’s answer to Las Vegas. She has many secrets just waiting to be discovered for those who are up for a bit of an adventure.

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Here’s a mini slide show of some more sites around Macau that you may see if you choose to venture beyond the neon.