Rent a French Château: Live Like a Lord and Lady, If Only for a Week

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Most mere commoners like us will never receive a royal invitation to stay at a palace. So, we can only fantasize what it’d be like to live there.

However, dreams can come true. There are hundreds of castles or châteaux throughout France that can be rented for a few days or weeks. Groups may split the fee to the point where in some villas, the price of a room is about the same cost as a hotel.

Our family and friends entered Château du Pin’s marble entryway adorned with gargoyles. Then we climbed the carved stone staircase to our tower bedrooms overlooking the manicured garden featuring topiary shaped like giant chess pieces. This was no reverie. Our accommodations included the main house with a wine cellar, vineyard and tiny chapel. Most days were spent touring the Loire Valley’s more famous châteaux such as: Villandry, Chinon, Amboise and Chenonceau. At night we enjoyed a bottle of the winery’s private label as “lords and ladies” of the manor. That experience is now the perfect daydream.

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