Capturing the Moment

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There’s something innate about recording what we see. Some choose to do it in the blink of an eye. Literally. They simply close their eyes and attempt to etch a scene upon their brains to remember.

Others prefer to use a compact camera or smartphone. They hold it up to frame their shot. Click. Later the images are available to scroll through to recall or share.

Then there are the en plein air artists who refuse to be rushed to record how they see the world. They take a much more patient approach, packing up a suitcase chock-full of paints, brushes and miscellaneous accoutrements before trudging off in search of the perfect vantage point.

This late October morning was ideal for those visiting Portland’s Forest Park, one of the country’s largest urban oases. A spectacular array of colors dotted the trees’ branches and peppered the ground. We all tried to hold onto autumn’s glory in our own way—choosing different subjects and angles to capture the moment before winter’s rains washed it away.