Playing Hide-and-Seek With Mother Nature

There rarely are any obstacles to overcome whenever I make plans to see a particular sight except maybe a steep admission fee to pay or a long line to endure.

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Yet, when nature’s involved, seeing what I’ve planned can be like a game of hide-and-seek. A few years ago, I visited Alaska and hoped to view all 20,310 feet of Denali. The weather was good despite a persistent set of clouds. All morning they clung to the massive peak’s base. I was hopeful around lunchtime as they began to lift, but those stubborn clouds simply taunted me and sat on the summit like a big white hat.

Last week was the once in 150-year Super Blue Blood Moon. I held my breath as to what might happen. The evening started out well with a fairly clear sky and only a passing thin cloud. Yet, at the appointed pre-dawn hour when the real show was to begin, a thick cloud bank stretched over the sky eliminating all hope of seeing the rare celestial sight.

The score now in this game of hide-and-seek is Mother Nature 2 and me 0.