Little Zig Zag Falls Hike: Cool and Easy in Mt. Hood

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Some may argue that to truly appreciate nature, one has to work for it. Spend hours, if not days, to reach the highlight of a trail such as a spectacular waterfall. Perhaps it’s cheating, but I much prefer to hike along a relatively flat path and reach the “carrot” that’s waiting for me within a relatively short period of time.

It’s not that I’m lazy. (Okay, maybe just a little bit.) Yet, I enjoy spending more time at the destination than getting to it. This does present an extra challenge to discover those out-of-the-way spots that are readily accessible but lush. Fortunately, Mt. Hood offers many for people like me.

One of my favorites is the easy hike to Little Zig Zag Falls. The trail meanders through the forest toward its thunderous namesake. As I walk back from the impressive view, I find a spot next to the creek where I can take off my shoes and relax. There I listen to the ice-cold water as it tumbles over the rocks while I feel the coolness of the moss under and between my toes.

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