A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters

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Vacations should be relaxing, exciting and above all, fun. If you’ve ever wondered what a destination is really like before you hop on the plane, we can “take you there” with this unique series of travel books.

These aren’t guidebooks that advise you where to stay or restaurants to try. Instead, they take you on visual storytelling journeys through these extraordinary destinations. We wrote this unique travel book series by putting a modern twist on the well-known phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Each of the enlightening and entertaining impressions features a captivating original photograph and a story that’s exactly 1,000 characters long.

Whether you plan to visit one of these corners of the world or just experience them vicariously, our series, A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters™, will give you a real sense of place. The books are available through these retailers as e-books with color photographs or in paperback with black and white photos.


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