Ilwaco Harbor Stroll: Exploring the Marina’s Sights and Sounds

© Imaginexxus LLC

It was one of those rare, deliciously warm spring days when we walked along Ilwaco’s harbor. The air was almost still. There was just a slight breeze, barely no more than a whisper.

All of commercial and charter boats sat neatly in rows, tied up to the docks side-by-side. Their nearly perfect mirror images were reflected on the water’s surface. We peeked around and saw hardly anyone. There was only a handful of skippers and deck hands scrubbing the vessels down after the morning’s run out into the Pacific.

Those customers who had clambered aboard the charters in the pre-dawn hours in hopes of landing a big one had disappeared. More than likely they had returned to their rumpled beds for a nap or were gathered at one the local taverns to regale the day’s adventure over some pints of beer.

We passed by a boat with a tinny radio playing country western music. The crooner lamented the loss of his true love and a passing seagull commiserated with him, letting out a plaintive cry as it flew by.

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