Follow the Siren Song: Take a Long Walk in Newport

© Imaginexxus LLC

Sunrise. Sunset. Even at high noon. There’s a soft siren song playing, “Put on your walking shoes. Come down to the beach. Take a stroll and relax.”

We found this alluring call especially noticeable in Newport because the town has been blessed with a wide, flat shoreline that extends for miles. This natural feature made it easy to take long, uninterrupted walks whether we decided to go all the way from Beverly Beach to Yaquina Head or Agate Beach down to Yaquina Bay. Typically, we only passed a handful of other people and maybe a golden retriever. We even had a some stretches of beach all to ourselves, except for a few shorebirds scurrying about on the sand or a flock of pelicans flying above in search of a fresh fish dinner.

The rhythm of our footsteps was accompanied by the gentle repetition of waves breaking on the shore. This sound was hypnotic, like a soothing mantra encouraging us to breathe deeply as we soaked in the colors and quiet beauty of the Pacific Ocean, one step at a time.

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