Mesmerized at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

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Newport gives visitors the chance to enjoy the ocean from different perspectives. People can stand on a cliff to peer down into Devils Punchbowl where the surf churns in a giant natural blender. They’re able to jump the waves either with their feet down on the beach or aboard a charter boat in hopes of catching a salmon or tuna. They can also learn many of the ocean’s secrets up close at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

This unique attraction is filled with fascinating encounters. We were able to try our hand at feeding an octopus, watch comical sea otters playing in a pool and walk through a massive glass tunnel staring nose-to-nose with sharks and other deep-sea fish swimming overhead.

Yet, it was the jellyfish that we and many others seemed to find the most mesmerizing. Maybe it was their diaphanous bodies that were so intriguing or the way they appeared to propel themselves effortlessly. All of us stood entranced by these parachute-like creatures suspended in their silent underwater world.

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