Washington Park: Where Kermit Would Feel Right at Home in Portland

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Kermit the Frog may lament, “It’s not that easy being green.” And yet, green has the distinct advantage of being the color that people can see and appreciate more hues of than any other. Furthermore, it has a soothing, refreshing, almost revitalizing effect.

Oregon is extraordinarily fortunate. The state ranks at or near the top when it comes to being green. This color dominates the countryside, mountains, towns and cities. It’s particularly vivid along Portland’s tree-lined streets and throughout her forested hills.

The place I’ve discovered in the Rose City that showcases the largest palette of greens is Washington Park. Name any shade and it’s here. Mother Nature, plus a mini army of professional landscape architects and gardeners, has created this stunning 413-acre oasis that includes grassy fields for playing, woodland trails for hiking and manicured gardens for strolling. This multi-faceted natural haven is the ideal place for Kermit and anyone else who appreciates the color green.

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