Autumn in Vermont: Quiet Reflection

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There’s something about a scene that’s reflected in a pond or lake that takes my breath away. I imagine these to be the moments when Mother Nature might pause to admire her creation in her oversized mirror. With no hint of a breeze, there’s a marvelous sense of quiet that surrounds the area. A seemingly invisible sign has been posted requesting all who pass by to walk on tip-toe and whisper, so as not to disturb the perfect glassy image.

Upstate Vermont has a myriad of places like this, ideal for those seeking the opportunity to witness this alluring form of tranquility. They’re quite easy to find in this sliver of a state that ranks second to last in population. Though the number of people roaming throughout the northeast swells during leaf-peeping season, there are thousands of trails and spots to temporarily claim as your own.

This time of year is incredible with its explosion of colors. However, in settings like this, I feel fortunate to have the grandeur double right before my eyes.

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