Fog and the Golden Gate Bridge: Revealing San Francisco’s Famous Landmark

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The fourth time was a charm.

I don’t know what it is about seeing certain landmarks. We’re drawn to seeing them in person. When you have, then it’s like you’re a member of that club.

In June, we traveled to San Francisco for a short getaway to see family, friends and, with any luck, the Golden Gate Bridge. Each of the three times I’d been there before, I’d never seen the entire bridge. Yes, I’d seen it countless times on television and in movies. But it’s just not the same. Either my timing was awful or Mother Nature knew I was coming and always threw a thick, white curtain of fog around the bridge to make it invisible. Signs said it was right in front of me but all I saw was a smidge of the lower deck or just the top crossbar of the towers.

This time though Mother Nature must have been on a getaway herself because we had a perfect view from the Marin Headlands of the bridge, the Golden Gate Strait and the city. It was definitely worth the wait and to finally become a member of this club.

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