Fun Way to Avoid Seattle Traffic: Take the Ferry Through Puget Sound

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Almost always there are two or more ways to get to where you want to go. Here in the Pacific Northwest, many people take the freeway because it’s the most direct and fastest route. But not always. Especially if you’re headed up I-5 to Seattle.

We hesitate to travel to this picturesque city only because we despise traffic. Yet, when an old friend invited us to visit him in one of Seattle’s northern suburbs, we thought there was no escaping a long slow slog through the city.

The two of us stared at each other, then at a map to plan our route. We soon realized that we could enjoy all that Seattle had to offer—without the traffic headaches. It required a significant detour. We had to take one ferry across the Sound, then drive up the peninsula to take a second ferry back across towards our friend’s home. Yet, it was truly worth it to relax on the ships and soak up the blue hues of the Puget Sound and the Olympics.

Sometimes, like this, how you get to your destination is half the fun of going.

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