Hawaiian Art of Relaxation: Hi’olani

If you’re in need of some R & R, there’s possibly no better place to go than Hawai’i. Just the idea of palm trees swaying in the light, warm trade winds and air permeated with the delicious smell of frangipani can lower anyone’s blood pressure.

Along the southern tip of the Big Island is a unique attraction. The black sand beaches of Punalu‘u are something to see. They’re also something special to experience, particularly if one is searching for the ideal location to perfect the art of hi’olani—relaxing.          

When we arrived at the park that was covered with ebony sand courtesy of pulverized lava from the nearby volcano, we were joined by a number of other tourists. Several of them chose to snorkel in the gigantic aquarium, aka the Pacific Ocean. Yet, most of them plopped down on their brightly colored beach towels and slathered on tubes of sunscreen. Then, they carefully watched and took their cue from this long-time resident who expertly demonstrated his version of hi’olani.

Paradise found.

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