Encinitas Meditation Gardens: An Open Invitation to Relax

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One usually feels privileged to be on the inside, aware of something only a few others know. However, when this tidbit is so wonderful it’s hard to keep it to oneself. Such is the case with a unique garden, just outside San Diego.

This is actually a place within a place. The sign outside reads, Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas Temple. Its name disguises the fact that the world is welcome to climb the brick steps into the Meditation Gardens.

We strolled along the paths, passing only one person deep in contemplation. A handful of others quietly meandered through the manicured grounds that varied from tropical vegetation with leaves the size of small children to a wide range of cacti. The lovely sound that mini waterfalls made as they fed into koi ponds added the perfect calming effect. Yet, the highlight for us and possibly all of the guests is the jaw-dropping view of the Pacific Ocean. One of several benches allowed us the chance to sit and soak in the serene, secret beauty.