Oregon Cool Spot: Frog Lake Near Mt. Hood

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No matter the time of year, especially when the thermometer creeps toward triple digits, I often find myself daydreaming about the ideal place to escape to.

This perfect setting must be close in, but not too close so we can feel as if we’re getting away from it all. Parking is easy. Walk five minutes and we’re there, soaking in a magnificent mountain view with a small gem of a lake that seems so idyllic that it was created in Photoshop®.

Frog Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest is one such spot. It’s 65 miles from Portland or The Dalles. Here we can do something or nothing at all. Since there are no motorboats buzzing by, we can take a leisurely swim, paddle around on an inner tube or race across the lake. The shoreline offers wild huckleberries waiting to be picked or trout to be reeled in for dinner over the fire. As we eat our fourth s’more, we count a million stars and make a wish on at least one. Then we crawl into our sleeping bags as the frog and cricket chorus lulls us to sleep.

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