Sailing in San Francisco Bay: The Sailboat Dance

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If you were to ask most Americans to name the nation’s windiest city, the majority would say it’s Chicago. Close, but no deep-dish pizza. Chi-town may have its share of cool breezes, but the honor of enduring the most wind in the country actually goes to Boston. Second prize could be awarded to San Francisco who averages winds of 13.5 mph from May through August.

While living in the Bay Area may not do much to keep one’s hair perfectly coiffed, the seemingly constant wind is a gift to sailors. Sailboats of every size and price tag took to the water on this summer day, like teenagers to the dance floor. Many appeared content to just bob around, not really going anywhere, just having fun. Others attempted new steps, tentatively sashaying and pirouetting in the breeze. And then there were those who expertly executed tacking and jibing. They waltzed across the water like professional ballroom dancers gliding by, moving with incredible confidence and grace. Their dance was a thing of beauty.

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