Yellowstone National Park: Where the Buffalo Do Roam

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They didn’t seem to mind us or anyone else for that matter. The American bison in Yellowstone National Park meandered alone, in pairs and sometimes single file in endless trains along hillsides or right down the middle of the two-lane road. It appeared as if the lumbering creatures knew where they wanted to go. They just weren’t in any particular hurry to get there. Cars puttered by them at two miles an hour or pulled off to the side altogether to watch the spectacle. Frequently they passed so close to our car we could’ve touched them. But we didn’t, to avoid being gored.

It was a treat to see these stately animals that are often referred to as buffalo roaming throughout the park’s vast Lamar Valley. We doubt they’re aware the park has no fences to keep them in. Nevertheless, we applauded their freedom. This ability to go wherever, whenever symbolizes the American West. The bison represented that spirit centuries ago and their recovery from near extinction exemplifies that spirit today.

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