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Our Story

“What was it like?”

That was what everyone asked us after we returned from an incredible 12-week adventure to the Asia-Pacific region. The repetition of this one question got us to thinking about what people want to know about travel.

There are countless Web sites and guide books that can help answer many important travel questions: “What’s interesting to see and do? Where are the best places to eat? How do I get around once I’m there?”

What we felt we could offer was something different—creative stories that provide aspiring and fellow travelers a window on the world and a sense of place. Think of this as a series of postcards. Each tale will give you an impression, a reflection or an amusing perspective about a destination with just a photo and a few short paragraphs.

As we answer the question, “What was it like?” for this and other journeys, we hope our stories will spark your curiosity and entice you to start planning an adventure of your own.

MacKenzie and Doug Freeman,
Travelers together in life and work for over 33 years

Also. . .
Along with our work with Imaginexxus, we provide creative communication services through our other company, Ideascape. If you’re interested in finding out more, please check out that Web site and give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We’d enjoy discussing your projects.