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Like any other artists, one important aspect of being writers is to get the word out about our work. This isn’t always easy. But when others in the business take notice, it feels good. Very good! We’re honored to have had several reviewers comment on our books, as well as to have had the opportunity to write for professional travel media outlets. Please take a look at our reviews and articles on these sites.


Book Reviews

So far, these travel book reviewers have generously commented about The Unguidebook™ Sydney & Melbourne.

Christine at The Uncorked Librarian called it, “A sincere Sydney and Melbourne travel guide unlike any other…I would recommend The Unguidebook™ Sydney & Melbourne for a more mature audience and those who are considering travel or looking to read a memoir. If you like perusing journals and others’ thoughts and impressions, you will smile along with the Freemans’ cozy adventures…Endearing, informative, and sincere, The Unguidebook is a quick and perfect ebook read, especially for those looking for a story-esque Sydney and Melbourne travel guide.  I just eat up storytelling with photographs.”

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Meg Davies at Meander with Meg kindly sent us this review about the book. “Through their rich descriptions, a sumptuous impression of each city’s streets and their surroundings is interwoven with bright, vivid photography… The pace is gentle as each story, rich in description and depth, allows you to fully imagine yourself at the location the photograph is taken. I found myself reading slowly and savouring the words. Perhaps this is because each snippet is only 175 words long and it seemed a shame to rush the intricate details so carefully pieced together…Whether you are already familiar with the cities of Sydney or Melbourne or not, I know you will be transported there by this varied collection of photographs and the experiences that sit behind each one. I felt like I was wandering the streets along side MacKenzie and Doug and I defy you to read this book without imagining the sunshine on your skin and the salt in a sea breeze.”

At Destinations Detours and Dreams, Donna Janke said this about our book. “The Freemans do the difficult job of writing succinct, descriptive prose beautifully, taking the reader with them. They took me back to the “chaotic, swirling hub of activity, color, and sound” of Sydney’s Circular Quay. I saw ferries and the man with the didgeridoo. I had forgotten about Rocks Market until I read the story. I recalled the peaceful beauty of the Royal Botanic Garden. I walked Melbourne’s revitalized laneways with them. I wanted to see the dismantled, moved and reassembled Yorkshire cottage in Melbourne and the bright Brighton beach bathing boxes in person. The book makes you feel the essence of the cities, relive memories, and long to make new ones.”



The popular tourism website, Travel Oregon, promotes all of Oregon’s natural beauty and wonders. This past year they published 15 of our stories and photos about various parts of this incredible state from Portland to the coast to central Oregon. The hyperlink above will take you to the page that features all of our work for them.