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Our Story

“What was it like?”

That was what everyone asked us after we returned from an incredible 12-week adventure to the Asia-Pacific region. The repetition of this one question got us to thinking about what people want to know about travel.

There are thousands of Web sites and guidebooks that can help answer many important travel questions: “What’s interesting to see and do? Where are the best places to eat? How do I get around once I’m there?”

We decided to offer something else and created a travel book series with two unique differences. The Unguidebooks are designed to give a sense of place rather than a list of places to go. We also wanted to write short, intriguing stories. So, we gave a modern twist to the old phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” All of our pieces are just 1,000 characters long, down to the last period. On average these stories are approximately 172 words, making them a much faster and more enjoyable read than a collection of lengthy essays.

What we like most about developing The Unguidebooks is the opportunity to use our photography and writing skills. These art forms offer a fun and continual challenge. There’s an extra level of difficulty with the self-imposed 1,000-character rule on our writing. Countless times we’ve finished a story, only to discover we were 24 characters short or over by five. Then we have to figure out where to trim a bit or add just the right word or two.

As we describe our impressions of these places, we hope our stories will spark your curiosity and entice you to start planning an adventure of your own.

Be forewarned, the travel bug can be addictive, but oh, so much fun! The two of us were bitten at the very beginning of our marriage when we chose to have a small wedding and a big honeymoon. That 10-week adventure took us around western Europe. We’ve now visited 20 countries and 38 American states. Every new destination is a chance to immerse ourselves in another culture and an opportunity to share our experiences through our writing and photographs.

When we’re not traveling, Doug is often found perfecting his craft of making gourmet truffles and MacKenzie works equally as hard perfecting her craft as a taste tester. (Someone has to do it.)

MacKenzie and Doug Freeman,
Travelers together in life and work

Also. . .
Along with our work with Imaginexxus, we provide creative communication services through our other company, Ideascape. If you’re interested in finding out more, please check out that Web site and give us a call or drop us an e-mail. We’d enjoy discussing your projects.