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Announcing the first volumes of The Unguidebook. This one-of-a-kind travel book series is unlike any guidebook. It’s designed to provide you with a sense of place rather than a list of places to go and help you understand what a destination is like even before you go there. Also, we’ve put a unique stamp on our writing giving modern twist to the familiar phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Each story is just 1,000 characters long and features an original photograph.

Whether you plan to visit these corners of the world or simply experience them vicariously, our books provide what few travel books do. They give you a real sense of place.

These make a great gift for yourself or a friend planning a trip to one of these destinations or possibly as a fun way to remember the journey after returning.

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Free Sample Mini E-book

The Unguidebooks are not typical travel books. They’re written to provide travelers with a sense of place rather than a list of places to go. To help give you an idea of what our books are like, we’re giving away a mini book. Think of it like a taste. A sampler. After you read it, we hope you’ll want to come back for more and read our other books that are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple. To obtain your free PDF copy, simply click on this link for The Unguidebook™ Loire Valley.

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Perth is one of the world’s best kept travel secrets. Good weather and good times are in abundance here. Take endless strolls along first-class, white sand beaches or go bushwalking in one of the nearby national parks. Check out the wide range of big city cultural amenities from the fine arts to fine dining. Then kick back and feel right at home grabbing a bevvie (beverage) while having a chinwag (chat) with some locals. Not only do the Aussies have a charming way of talking, they’re extraordinarily charming people, too.

The Unguidebook™ Perth is the fifth volume in our travel series. After reading it, we think you’ll agree that like most good secrets, you’ll feel as if you know something special that others just haven’t learned.

Available as an e-book for $3.99 and in paperback for $7.50

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Immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s 24/7 lifestyle where people and vehicles are seemingly impatient to be anywhere but where they are. Escape into the exotic markets lining the city’s narrow streets for a glimpse at everyday life. Explore Macau on foot to wander through her stunning mosaic plazas and alleyways to sights where tourists gasp on hilly streets that rival San Francisco’s. And ride the ferry back in time to the car-free fishing village of Cheung Chau where many of the harbor’s colorful boats display a day’s catch sun drying on racks and nets.

The Unguidebook Hong Kong & Macau will help you understand what these fascinating cities are really like even before you leave home.

Available as an e-book for $3.99 and in paperback for $7.50.

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New Zealand’s a place you’ll want to savor, one island at a time. That’s why this book includes 54 enlightening and entertaining impressions just about the South Island. Soak up Queenstown’s scenery and adventure sports. Give into the Otago region’s temptations of wines and gold panning. Travel to Te Anau for an up-close look at the amazing Fiordland National Park. Experience the warmth of sunny Nelson. Then set sail or tramp through Abel Tasman National Park, the Tasman District and the picture postcard Marlborough Sounds.

The Unguidebook New Zealand’s South Island will “take you” to this special place filled with jaw-dropping scenery, warm hospitality and endless adventures.

Available as an e-book for $3.99 and in paperback for $7.50.

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Come along on a visual storytelling journey to one of the world’s most beautiful cities and find out what it’s really like even before you book your ticket.

The iconic Opera House is a marvelous place to start, but there’s much more to Sydney than that. Explore the seemingly endless waterfront to discover the city’s maritime roots and love of anything that floats. Plunge into one of Sydney’s idyllic bays, coves or nearby seawater pools. Take a stroll along the vibrant Circular Quay and central business district or an easy day hike overlooking the sapphire waters of the Pacific Ocean just minutes from downtown. Sydney offers an adventure and cultural experience for everyone.

Available as an e-book for $3.99 and in paperback for $7.50

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Want to know what these exciting cities are like even before you set foot in the Land Down Under? The Unguidebook Sydney & Melbourne takes you there. It includes all of the marvelous stories found in IThe Unguidebook Sydney, plus 21 more spotlighting Melbourne. In her honest and thorough book review, The Uncorked Librarian calls it, “A sincere Sydney and Melbourne travel guide unlike any other.”

Explore Sydney's incredible waterfront, soaking in her history and passion for the water. Walk through the breathtaking Blue Mountains. Enjoy Melbourne's world-class food and cultural areas. Then take a drive to see Brighton and the spectacular Great Ocean Road. This is one trip you won't forget.

Available as an e-book for $4.99 and in paperback for $8.50.

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Amazon     We’ve created the e-books featuring full color photographs to be read on a Kindle, computer, tablet or mobile phone. The books are also available in paperback with black and white photographs. (If you don't already have the free Kindle app, you can download it to read this book and other e-books sold through Amazon.)

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