Melbourne: A City Built Around the Water

Melbourne gently curves around Port Phillip Bay. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the city’s proximity to the water—whether it’s playing on Brighton’s shore next to the colorful beach boxes or taking a drive along the Great Ocean Road.

Learn more about this special destination in our book The Unguidebook Sydney & Melbourne. Every story in this and each of our books gives a modern twist to the familiar phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” These stories are each just 1,000 characters long and features an original photograph.

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Come along on a visual storytelling journey to two of the world’s most beautiful cities and discover what it’s really like even before you book your ticket. Whether you plan to visit this corner of the world or simply experience it vicariously, The Unguidebook Sydney & Melbourne will provide what few travel books do. It will give you a real sense of place.

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