The Great Ocean Road: Where Sheep Outnumber Aussies

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Australia is massive. It’s the sixth largest in size compared to other countries, but it ranks only 55th in population—in between Cote d’Ivoire and Sri Lanka. There are over three times as many sheep in Australia as there are people. Consequently, enormous swaths of land have a bucolic look and feel.

One such place is along the Great Ocean Road with countless family farms. A friend kindly took us on an excursion to see this renown stretch of highway and give us a taste of what the state of Victoria has to offer outside of Melbourne.

The spring morning’s showers may have decreased the number of times we stopped for a stroll, but it increased the intensity of the terrain’s color. One time we did get out of the car was near Apollo Bay. The overlook provided a sweeping view of the ocean and lush rolling hills. We also saw hundreds of sheep in every direction. Those closest to us momentarily lifted their heads to acknowledge our presence and then returned to more important things like lunch.