World of Wearable Art Museum: Where the Worlds of Fashion and Art Merge

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Believe it or not, one of the world’s centers for art and fashion is the relatively small city of Nelson. This is where sculptor and visionary, Suzie Moncrieff, set up her gallery. A wearable art show that was first intended to promote her business and spotlight regional artists has turned into a multi-million dollar theatrical presentation. It consistently attracts over 50,000 guests who come to watch the sound and light spectacle featuring amateur and professional designers’ creations from around the world.

Her gallery-turned museum and annual showcase of the World of WearableArt® encourages designers to use their imaginations. They employ various materials in their clothing from chopsticks to bicycle tires, computer parts to woven wire and yes, even cloth. Most people would think twice about walking down the street wearing one of these garments that tends to resemble a costume in a sci-fi film or Cirque du Soleil show. Yet, almost everyone will agree that these pieces are intriguing.

Just for fun we’ve included a mini slide show of some award-winning costumes featured at this extraordinary museum.