Summertime in Seattle: Paradise

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The Pacific Northwest has the bad reputation for being cold and rainy. Since we’ve lived here most of our lives, we know that for much of the year people rarely tune in to the evening news to find out what the weatherperson will say. All that needs to be said is, “Ditto. Back to you, Jim.”

However, there’s a reason why Northwesterners endure endless months of precipitation and colorless grey skies. Summertime. There’s possibly no better place to be. Plenty of sunshine. Perfect temperatures. Little humidity. And no giant swarms of mosquitoes. Also, the scenery in this region is tough to beat.

One of the Emerald City’s gems is Alki Beach which overlooks downtown and her glorious backdrop. Its five and a half mile-long paved path is ideal for an after dinner walk or bike ride. Movie buffs make a pilgrimage to this spot that was made famous in Sleepless in Seattle. And in case you’re wondering, that’s not Tom Hanks in the boat. It’s a fisherman heading home after a marvelous day in paradise.

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